Testimonianza in inglese

My name is Pablo. I’m 39 years old and i’m from Colombia. Just one year ago my life has changed completely, something amazing happened and now I live with joy and my life finally has a true meaning. I would like to start telling you that when I was 18 I lost my mother and father that were very ill. After that great lost I felt very confused and helpless, I didn’t know what to think, even though I always consider myself a religious person I was faraway from God and didn’t know what to believe so I started living a empty live filled with extremes. Since I was a child I was very curious and want to know about religion, religion of any kind. I remember a time that I decided to studied a little bit about mystic and esoteric experiences like black magic, ufo, hypnosis… I was looking for answers… any explanation… that would give me peace so I would have no more “whys” in my heart. At that time I met some Franciscans monks that were from Tuscany… i felt very attractive the kind of relationship that monks had with God, they preached simplicity and equality so I decided to became monk myself and I did it for 3 years. In the begging I felt that finally I had found the peace I was looking for, I remember I started to feel finally a little of the presence of God in my life. As a monk I travelled a lot and one day I arrived in the little city of Montefeltro (Pesaro) where I met a beautiful girl that used to sing in the choir of the local church, I remember falling in love with her and that after a bit I found out that she also felt in love with me, my love was so strong that I left my charge as a monk and married her. The whole situation turned out to become a huge scandal and it was very difficult to face as you can imagine.

My marriage was going well for the first years, we had a beautiful little daughter but after a bit I started facing problems manly because a was very far from the beliefs that I had learned as a monk and God was defiantly far away from my heart again. I was facing the consequences of my actions since I had become more selfish and used to think more about myself and less about my family, God was just a memory at that point in my life. Peace had become a word with no meaning. We were together but we were not happy as a family. It was a difficult time but God was there talking to me and I knew that His love for me was almighty. I used to travel quite often to Colombia and last year I met an old friend. We had so much to share but from the begging of the conversation he started talking about God’s love, he was so enthusiastic and he was telling me about this God that saves, gives you freedom, peace, healing… yes… I had heard about God many times but I had never heard someone that feels that way about religion…. about Jesus. So I decided to go to a bible studied and at that occasion God touched my heart…. Wow… ! After that moment I felt a new man, renew… all the fears that were in my heart went away, I finally had peace, I felt forgave, God was accepting me even though I was a sinner, and a great joy filled my heart. In a moment something changed I could hear Jesus speaking to my heart and I knew God was alive! After that experience many things have changed in my life… with God’s help my marriage has changed, I’m learning to really love my family and build a strong relationship with my wife and daughter. Now I can tell you that Jesus is alive and is the same Jesus we can read on the bible. God cares about my problems and doesn’t matter if they are big or small and I can affirm that he cares about your problems as well just He cares about mine, call Him into your heart and read the bible and you will find it out.